Yoki Finance | April: Community Update

Yoki Finance
2 min readMay 8, 2023

Dear Yoki Community,

We are excited to share with you the latest updates from Yoki Finance for the month of April.


  • We are delighted to welcome Stepan Bubnov and Vasil Kamalov to our tech team, working on the backend and frontend respectively.
  • Both members have already started actively developing our MVP, strengthening our team and capabilities.


  • In April, our development team worked to enhance the Yoki Finance platform’s functionality and user experience.
  • React JS was chosen as our front-end framework.
  • The backend now supports enabling periods for investment selection and documenting contract logic for future reference.

Product Design and Hackathons:

  • Vasil has started building a prototype connected to the backend to include investment periods, while Stan enhanced the UI Kit and widget design, adding missing states.
  • We’re delighted to announce our participation at Polygon [APAC] DevX Hackathon.

Partners and Promo Activities:

  • We are pleased to announce that to date we have established over 15 B2B partnerships, including Uno Farm, 8.finance, Ditex, Roach Racing Club, Tsuka, Zunami, and others.
  • We have launched regular Wednesday AMAs with partners which have connected over a thousand listeners through our last two sessions. Learn more at our Twitter channel: https://twitter.com/yokifinance
  • Humans Work hosted Pitch Roast session featuring Yoki Finance: https://youtu.be/dsfYPQGwvRE
  • Dora Hacks Grant DAO presentation took place on Binance Live featuring Yoki Finance: https://youtu.be/dsfYPQGwvRE
  • In other news, we have launched our YouTube channel, where we regularly share new videos, including pitches, product demos, live streams, AMAs with partners, and product explainers: https://www.youtube.com/@yoki_finance

Thank you for your continued support and trust!

Best regards, The Yoki Finance Team



Yoki Finance

Yoki Finance is a decentralized non-custodial payment automation solution