Yoki Finance Collaborates with Crypto Scope: Advancing Crypto Adoption and Knowledge Sharing

Yoki Finance, a Web3 platform for automatic recurring token purchases, is excited to announce its collaboration with Crypto Scope, a vibrant community dedicated to exploring the world of cryptocurrency.

Yoki Finance
2 min readJun 30, 2023

This partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by integrating Yoki Finance’s widget into Crypto Scope’s website, facilitating token purchases, and fostering knowledge sharing among crypto enthusiasts.

Widget Integration and Media Collaboration

As part of the collaboration, Yoki Finance will integrate its widget into Crypto Scope’s website, enabling users to experience seamless and secure recurring token purchases. The widget integration will provide Crypto Scope’s community with enhanced convenience and flexibility, allowing them to explore various subscription payment options using cryptocurrencies. This collaboration aligns with Yoki Finance’s mission to revolutionize the world of automatic recurring token purchases and promote the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions.

In addition to the widget integration, Yoki Finance and Crypto Scope will embark on a media collaboration, leveraging their collective expertise and resources to deliver valuable educational content and promote the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. Through joint webinars, articles, and collaborative initiatives, both platforms aim to empower individuals with knowledge, foster collaboration, and contribute to the growth of the crypto community.


The collaboration between Yoki Finance and Crypto Scope represents a significant step forward in advancing the adoption and understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. By integrating Yoki Finance’s widget into Crypto Scope’s platform and fostering a media collaboration, they aim to create a more inclusive and knowledgeable crypto community.

About Yoki Finance

Yoki Finance is a Web3 solution that empowers users to automate recurring crypto payments seamlessly. With a versatile protocol, Yoki Finance enables developers to create a wide range of products, including recurring billing for SaaS, gated content access, donations, DAO payments, and automated loan repayments.

About Crypto Scope

Crypto Scope is a dynamic Indonesian crypto media platform committed to providing the latest trends, news, and insights from industry experts. With a vision to create a strong and supportive community of crypto enthusiasts, Crypto Scope aims to advance the adoption and understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Through their inclusive platform, individuals can connect, learn, and share their knowledge and experiences, empowering others to take control of their financial future.



Yoki Finance

Yoki Finance is a decentralized non-custodial payment automation solution