Yoki Finance Partners with SingSing Platform to Revolutionize Music and Blockchain Integration

Yoki Finance, the Web3 recurring payments platform, is thrilled to announce a partnership with SingSing, a pioneering music project that applies blockchain technology to revolutionize the music industry.

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3 min readJun 27, 2023
Yoki Finance Partners with SingSing Platform to Revolutionize Music and Blockchain Integration

This exciting collaboration aims to integrate Yoki Finance’s widget into the SingSing platform and conduct joint marketing activities to enhance the music experience for users. SingSing’s vision aligns perfectly with Yoki Finance’s goal of leveraging blockchain technology to transform various industries, and this partnership marks an important milestone in their shared mission.

Essence of the Partnership

The partnership between Yoki Finance and SingSing will bring forth exciting advancements in the music industry. Key aspects of this collaboration include:

Widget Integration:

Following the live launch of Yoki Finance, the platform’s widget will be seamlessly integrated into the SingSing platform. This integration will enable SingSing users to leverage Yoki Finance’s Web3 recurring payments functionality, allowing for automatic and seamless transactions within the SingSing ecosystem.

Joint Marketing Activities:

Yoki Finance and SingSing will join forces to conduct joint marketing activities, leveraging their respective communities and networks to enhance brand awareness and user engagement. Through collaborative efforts, they aim to create a thriving ecosystem where music enthusiasts can not only enjoy singing and music-related activities but also streamline their financial interactions using Yoki Finance’s innovative payment solutions.

Check Out Our AMA Session Recording

As part of the partnership announcement, Yoki Finance and SingSing recently conducted an engaging Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on June 8th. The AMA session provided an opportunity for community members to learn more about Yoki Finance, ask questions, and learn more about the exciting developments ahead. To listen to the recording of the AMA session, please follow this link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1zqKVPlQYzPJB


The partnership between Yoki Finance and SingSing represents a significant step forward in integrating blockchain technology into the music industry. By integrating Yoki Finance’s widget into the SingSing platform and conducting joint marketing activities, they aim to create a vibrant ecosystem where music and token purchasing strategies offer a premium experience for the users.

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About Yoki Finance:

Yoki Finance is a Web3 solution that empowers users to automate recurring crypto payments seamlessly. With a versatile protocol, Yoki Finance enables developers to create a wide range of products, including recurring billing for SaaS, gated content access, donations, DAO payments, and automated loan repayments.

About SingSing Platform:

Combining Music and Blockchain Innovation SingSing is an innovative music project that combines the power of blockchain technology with a wide range of music-related products and activities. Their offerings include mobile apps, karaoke activities, mini-games, a music NFT marketplace, and much more.

Developed by a highly experienced team in the field of music technology and community development, SingSing has quickly gained recognition and received investments from reputable organizations and leading investment funds in the Blockchain and music sectors. With a vision to expand into the Asian market and reach a global audience, SingSing aims to become one of the most widely used and loved applications for music and singing enthusiasts worldwide.



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